Jasmine Harman has had a reflective last year or two but is back in the hot seat in top TV show A Place in The Sun. Vegan for quite a long time now, Jasmine loves travelling (obviously) and is clearly thrilled to be back at work again.

PPP: Hi Jasmine! Are you back at work yet?

Jasmine: Yes we were back at work as soon as we were able to travel again. It’s been super busy with so many people’s plans having been on hold for various reasons, now it seems that every where I’ve been house hunting, property markets are moving very quickly.

PPP: Is all your crew vegan yet?

Jasmine: Not quite. I work with lots of different teams all the time and there are lots more vegan and veggie people I work with than before, and lots who are more open to trying it out. We usually search for local places which have good vegan options, and I never miss an opportunity to encourage the team and the Househunters to try them. Last week we went to a vegan restaurant in Cyprus twice in one week and my house Hunter ordered the “salmon” bagel made with carrot and said it was so amazing he ordered it again when we went back.

PPP: Do you manage ok when abroad with finding vegan options then?

Jasmine: I manage pretty well. The message is getting out there and we always specifically look for restaurants with good vegan options. I often use the Happy Cow app which is great. It also depends where you are and when. For example in Greece and Cyprus during the fasting (or lent) period before Easter, there is always an abundance of vegan food as is customary for people of Greek Orthodox faith to abstain from animal products at this time.

PPP: Do you think travel will escalate again post-COVID?

Jasmine: I think it probably will. I have noticed a big increase since last year. People will start to gain confidence and understand the new rules and start holidaying overseas again.

PPP: What’s your idea of the ideal romantic meal and setting?

Jasmine: I’m dreaming about a beach front restaurant, maybe in the Caribbean watching the sunset, with a cocktail and sharing some flavourful, colourful recipes made with local produce and spices, with my hubby.

PPP: How did Lockdown pan out for you, looking back?

Jasmine: It was pretty deflating to be honest. It started off ok, but I really missed my family, I missed work a lot, I missed being able to go to my fitness classes, and I missed seeing friends. I found home schooling very challenging and I was very grateful for our family dog Jet as at least he gave us a reason to go out for a walk every day.

PPP: What would you say your favourite charity project is right now?

Jasmine: The Retreat Animal Rescue is my favourite place to take the children where they can interact with animals in a safe and happy environment. There are so many children’s farms and petting Zoos and other places where animals are captive and used for commercial purposes, which are targeted at children, and whilst I want my kids to be able to connect with animals, I don’t want to contribute to them being used in that way. So it is wonderful to have The Retreat where we can find out all of the stories behind each of the animals and help out with looking after them. As well as dining at the lovely vegan cafe. Billy who runs it is so devoted and so inspiring.

PPP: Any top tips for budding Veganuary participants?

Jasmine: It can be hard at first to know what to cook and what to eat when you are new to a vegan way of eating. It’s super easy with most dishes to simply substitute animal products with vegan alternatives, but I’d say, also don’t be afraid of trying something completely new and different. Something you will enjoy in its own right rather than always comparing how it tastes to what you are used to.

If you are busy and don’t have time to cook, or you’re lacking inspiration, try The Brook frozen prepared meals which are completely vegan, nutritious and yummy and only take a few minutes to warm up.

PPP: Hope for 2022?

Jasmine: I hope we will be safe, happy and more people will use their power to change the world, one meal at a time.