GREENBAY: Xmas Round-up

Hi Plant Powered Planet readers! It’s Paula here at GreenBay, and I am delighted to share with you some of the best plant-based goodies we have to help make your holidays as tasty as possible. Rest assured everything is all vegan and delicious!

This year we are seeing more choices on panettone and vegan cheese, and excited to have Vegusto’s Roasts back as these make a wonderful festive centrepiece.

My firm favourites for the holidays have to include the Camembert from Mouse’s Favourite and Vegusto Festive Roast. Back home in Spain we traditionally enjoy roasts and seafood; a great alternative for this is the smoked salmon by Odontella – incredible taste and great addition to any festive platters.

Our diet is such an important part of our lives and traditions, and even our identity, so switching overnight can be daunting. Having these incredible alternatives can make the switch much easier and enjoyable. A vegan celebration this year really is the best festive gift to yourself, the planet and those who share it with us.


Panettone is a sweet Italian bread eaten in many countries worldwide at Christmas – and until very recently these all included eggs! However the choice of vegan friendly Panettone is increasing so we can all have our cake and eat it!

Mindful Bites: Veganetonne Chocolate & Salted Caramel


Being vegan doesn’t mean we don’t want a good traditional roast – many customers like a vegan meaty centrepiece, many also enjoy a nutroast… a vegan cheesy vegetable crumble and a stuffed cauliflower are also delicious vegan roast alternatives that don’t need to take too long to make.


Who doesn’t enjoy a little treat each morning throughout December?

Again the amount of vegan advent calendars is increasing every year and we have a great selection this year.

H!P Chocolate Salted Caramel Advent Calendar 120g


Seaspiracy has of course made a massive impact and especially for those who felt it was OK to consumer fish. We have seen a massive increase in customers wanting vegan fish as well as manufacturers creating more vegan fish options. This is an area that again has exploded recently and well worth checking out to see what vegan fish alternatives you like the best. Many have been created with added Omega oils too.

Odontella Smoked Vegan Salmon – Perfect addition to cheese platters or festive dishes


Nothing is more exciting than an impressive vegan cheese board! Remember to check the ingredients of any crackers you buy as these often can contain milk. Add some fresh fruit and pickles for the perfect festive treat!


After the festivities (cooking, serving and clearing up!) It is great to unwind with a dairy free hot chocolate. Comforting and a winter treat. And for those who enjoy bubbles but without the alcohol we have our favourite alcohol free sparkling white and rosé.

Gnaw Vegan Hot Chocolate Gift Set – Great hot chocolate shots!

Our mission here at GreenBay is to make it easy, fun and convenient for people to make better choices, by educating them on the positive impact that small changes can make, and ultimately removing animals from the equation.

We donate a portion of every new purchase to charities and organizations fighting climate change and supporting rural communities with reforestation projects, in order to offset their carbon footprint. GreenBay has helped plant over 5000 trees in Marotaola, Madagascar since starting the reforestation project.

By helping people switch to plant-based products over traditional ones, to date GreenBay has helped save 38.87B litres of water, 84.97M kg of CO2 and 9.34M of animals.

We hope that you have a wonderful holiday and whether it’s the first vegan festive season for you or you have enjoyed many we all know you have made the best choice possible.

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