VegfestUK London 2022: Shaping Up Nicely…

Plans for the 8th annual VegfestUK London event at Olympia Grand in November 2022 are “shaping up nicely” with a number of new exhibitors already embedded and a steady stream of enquiries as the floorplan continues to fill out following the announcement back in December 2021 that VegfestUK would be returning once more to live events at Olympia in the autumn of 22.

“There’s a lot of new vegan businesses and even some that were started on furlough money during Lockdowns” report the organisers “and we are seeing a real hunger for vegan businesses for a return to live events after such a lengthy enforced absence. And it’s not just new businesses – a lot of the established vegan brands have seen increased sales during the last 2 years as healthy living and strong immune systems, coupled with a rise in plant based diets and sustainable lifestyles, has meant a bit of a boom for many – and they are gearing up to get back out and about again amongst the public.”

Big crowds are anticipated come the autumn, with tickets on sale in September, but for now the interest is firmly on businesses and exhibitors in what for many is still testing times.

“For 2022 we have a strong new vegan business focus” organisers explain, “with the added bonus of a whole area devoted to vegan businesses, growth and development – the Vegan Business Tribe Live area will be making its debut in 2022 with a number of vegan business start-ups exhibiting in the area alongside a stage devoted to vegan businesses. Businesses have had it tough regardless of sales and VegfestUK London is a really good place to re-establish contacts, network, sample, sell, conduct market research and customer feedback, brand, market and capture data – all in one spot. That alongside the added support from the Tribe Zone really does give a focus to the developing vegan business for 2022.”

“VegfestUK London plays a unique part in the vegan calendar in the UK” add the organisers, “and in many respects has helped shape the vegan movement over the previous decade or so. The advent of the conference facilities back in 2015 gave rise to some fabulous vegan summits and some ground breaking frameworks, ideas and campaigns. 2022 is all about reconvening, coming back together, reconnecting and especially supporting small vegan businesses, animal sanctuaries, charities, campaigns and individuals who are striving to make a difference in this world.”

And with the event coinciding with #COP27 in November, there is even more of a focus on coming together, collaborating and presenting both a united and effective front for animals in the face of continued mass use and abuse of animals, and the ensuing environmental destruction.

The website is now live for bookings and exhibitors can register their interest here.

Tickets on sale and full line-ups announced in the autumn.

A number of new & expanded features at VegfestUK London 2022 include:

Vegan Business Tribe Live

A new area dedicated to vegan businesses and especially start-ups and scale ups, with 12 exhibitors in the area and a stage featuring industry experts covering a wide range of topics and discussions, all with a business focus. Run by the incomparable Lisa and David from Vegan Business Tribe, this area promises to deliver a fabulous array of talent, experience and support for all things vegan business related.

Plant Powered Planet

Hosted by our own Karin Ridgers and featuring a display of superstars and movers and shakers from amongst the wider vegan community on stage with Karin, with interviews, talks, panels and discussions, mostly light hearted, inspirational and uplifting. Karin’s guests are always dazzling and delightful and never fail to impress, and the Plant Powered Planet Stage has all the makings of the place to be at VegfestUK 2022!

Art of Compassion Exhibition

An expanded exhibition area right at the heart of the event in the centre of the floorplan, and featuring the fabulous Art of Compassion Project, a collective of over 70 vegan artists from across the globe. And plans afoot for a number of timelines displaying the history of some of the animal sanctuaries and animal campaigns groups from the last few decades.

Find out more about VegfestUK London 2022 here: