GreenBay: A Round-up for Springtime Shoppers

Hello from Paula Anderson and the team at GreenBay! We are the UK’s First Omnichannel Vegan Supermarket – as well as online we have our store in West London… Come and say hello! We are celebrating 5 Years in business too this year!

We are passionate about sourcing plant-based products, especially those small local ones that are either not available all in one place, or at all.

However despite veganism being on the rise and “mainstream”, there are so many innovative brands that struggle to put their products into traditional supermarkets, for multiple reasons starting with, of course, expenses connected to fees that are required (such as for marketing), product volumes, minimum order quantities, margins and the list goes on.

Those brands thrive here with us at GreenBay, and we love connecting them to our customers. Rather than focusing strictly on one customer group, we welcome and accommodate all.

Whether you are a vegan looking for some cheeky treats, or paying attention mainly to clean ingredients lists, a vegan-curious, flexitarian, trying to reduce their carbon footprint, lactose/egg/gluten intolerant, prioritising cheaper products or happy to spend more on artisan brands… or even some combination of any of those, you will find what you are looking for with us at GreenBay.

And here we would like to tell you lovely Plant Powered Planet readers about our current favourites – although this is very hard with over 1,200 products to pick from!

VegiSteak Vebab

Packed full of spices and flavour, this Vebab is the perfect alternative to a meat kebab and will quickly satisfy your taste buds.

One of our most recent editions to GreenBay that has made a comeback to the UK after over 2 years. Tofu-based traditional mid-European meat called “Cevabcici” (which tastes somewhat like kebab but BETTER)

No Tellin’ Porkies Scratchings

These are not for everyone, but if you love them, you LOVE them. Crispy and “burnt” taste to replace meat-based pork scratchings.

Primal Jerky

This one has been on the market for quite a while but it’s still amazing to think that even jerky can be replaced for plant-based very easily.

Yogan Seaweed Buuutter

Plant-based butter alternative enriched by all the benefits seaweed holds, including iron and B12.

Odontella Vegan ‘Salmon’

Our ultimate “fish” bestseller and I’d say the most realistic plant-based smoked salmon on the market.

New Roots Fondue

Creamy, melty and slightly spicy fondue cheese that is made for sharing! Comes from a small Swiss vegan company called “New Roots” who focus on creating delicious healthy plant-based cheeses from organic cashew nuts.

VegiSteak Halloumi

Probably the first realistic Halloumi on the market. It’s made out of tofu, giving it not only great taste, but also fabulous nutritional values! Comes from a small vegan company in the Czech republic that has been on the market ever since the 90s, putting health as a first priority.

GreenBay Braised Sausages

Our very own range of super-juicy sausages that our customers just love. They are perfect for hot dogs, on pasta, or just straight from the pack.

So there really is no excuse! There is a vegan version of just about everything at GreenBay.

Thank you for reading and remember to follow Plant Powered Planet as well as GreenBay on our socials!

By the GreenBay Team