‘Must Haves’ This Summer: A Round-Up by Karin RidgERS

Plant Powered Planet and regular contributor Karin Ridgers picks her best-of vegan ‘must-haves’ for this spring and summer. Look and feel fabulous without compromising your values!

One-Piece Low Rise Swimsuit

Yes we can now even pick up a vegan swimsuit!

The one piece low rise swimsuit at Liberty & Love with adjustable zip detail, open and a cross back design choice is double lined to avoid transparency and greater durability. It’s a beautiful piece and fits perfectly to the body.

Excellent quality, fast dry and vegan! The swimwear is made from recycled products and the dyes are not tested on animals and is ethically produced.


Vendula London Posh Paws Spa Backpack

Vendula London launched in 2003 and has grown to be one of fashions quirkiest brands with one guiding philosophy – to make others ask…. “where did you get that bag?!” Their ever-growing list of fans (Vendulettes) are across the UK, Europe and North America. They are passionate about slow fashion and their vegan friendly bags and accessories.

As well as absolutely lovely material the Posh Paws Spa Backpack has two detachable straps that allow you to use it either as a backpack, a crossbody or a grab bag depending on the occasion. It has lots of space inside for what you need to have with you and of course it looks great with its spa-themed artwork. That pampered pooch is still taking it easy but maybe you can get her on a lead and take off somewhere for an adventure with all your essentials in your backpack?


Proudly Vegan Wines

The sun is out – what beats a warm evening and a glass of vegan wine?!

As we know it can be hard to know exactly whether your wine is vegan or not. Egg white gelatine and milk protein can all be used in the winemaking process and with unclear labels a walk down the wine aisle can be a confusing experience.

The Proudly Vegan range is wonderfully clear in its complete lack of animal products right down to the ink and glue on the labels making it accessible to all. Registered by the Vegan Society and available at GreenBay. A zesty and refreshing wine with tropical hints of passion fruit gooseberry and lime this mouth-watering wine loves risotto with peas and recipes with flavours of lemon garlic coriander and ginger.


Ringana Fresh Eye Serum

I have to say how surprised I was in seeing the amount of eye creams with animal products in. I have fallen in love with this highly ethical and all vegan brand from Austria and their eye cream really works.

Fresh Eye Serum is created using a high-quality plant cocktail of cypress, witch hazel, red wine leaves and ruscus which stimulates microcirculation.

Active substances from the Atlas cedar and a highly concentrated, encapsulated extract from the fruit of blueberries reduces dark circles and bags. Paracress and natural peptides have a firming effect and combat dryness lines.

Use a tiny amount and dab gently around the eye area using your ring finger.


Biocera Water Jug

If you know me you will know I am the biggest water fan and have drunk litres and litres daily since my teens. I have avoided drinking from plastic bottles since I can remember and I fell in love with my Biocera jug years ago.

It filters chlorine and reduces heavy metals and dissolved organic residues such as benzene and pesticides. It alkalises water, typically elevating the 7.5 to 9.5 too.

Top your glass water bottle up daily and you can keep the filter in the fridge for lovely cold water too.


VEGAN HAPPY Denim Jacket

What says cool like a denim jacket? One that spreads some vegan love at the same time! VEGAN Happy has done it again with a stunning new collection of clothes including this cruelty free jacket with various messages on the back.

A wardrobe essential for everyone. Versatile and on-brand, this denim jacket features contemporary cropped feminine fit, contrast twin-needle stitching, shank buttons, and classic denim jacket panelling.


So that’s my top picks for this issue of Plant Powered Planet! There are so many fabulous vegan products out there – I’ve helped to narrow things down a little bit. Roll on the summer!

Karin Ridgers, editor of Plant Powered Planet