Your Vegan Adventure Wardrobe: How to find Vegan Outdoor Adventure Clothing

The team here at Plant Powered Planet are delighted to welcome back Emma Fry, founder of Vegan Adventure Holidays for another bundle of advice and travel tips for those hoping to get outdoors the vegan way this year! This time Emma fills us in on navigating potentially non-vegan clothes and equipment shopping ahead of your adventures in 2022.

Hi, I’m Emma, the owner of Vegan Adventure Holidays!

Whether you’ve been an outdoor enthusiast for years or recently discovered the power of the great outdoors — my aim is to help you feel inspired, empowered and help you grow your confidence in your outdoor skillset so that you can have some amazing adventures of your own.

The first step to becoming a confident day or multi-day hiker is creating a vegan outdoor adventure wardrobe, one that’ll protect you against the conditions of your chosen destination and keep you comfortable during periods of intense physical exertion. To help you out, I’ve listed my top tips below!

The vegan outdoor adventure market is growing, and there are some great animal-free alternatives to leather, suede, and wool.

Above: A fully waterproof ‘hard shell’, such as this Mammut jacket.

Layering Essentials

Don’t underestimate the importance of layering; an effective system will retain warmth, wick moisture to keep you dry, and protect you against the wind, rain and potential snow.

The layers you choose will depend on the conditions you expect to face and the duration of your hike, but it’ll generally be formed of three crucial parts:

Base layer: A breathable, moisture-wicking base layer will provide much-needed thermal insulation.

Mid-layer: A quick-drying mid-layer, such as a fleece, will keep you warm by retaining heat and helping moisture (such as sweat) evaporate.

Outer layer: Depending on the conditions you’ll be exposed to, your top layer may be a fully waterproof ‘hard shell’, a synthetic down jacket, or even a lightweight, wind-proof coat.

Pictured: Vibram boots such as these will keep your feet warm and dry.

Vegan Materials

The vegan outdoor adventure market is growing, and there are some great animal-free alternatives to leather, suede, and wool.

Thanks to ground-breaking brands like PrimaLoft, it’s also possible to find vegan-friendly alternatives to down with the same insulative properties. PrimaLoft microfibres are engineered from recycled plastic with carbon-saving technology and can be found in products from Patagonia, Helly Hansen, and Adidas.

Cotton may be a great vegan-friendly material for the day-to-day, but I don’t recommend wearing cotton-based clothing while hiking. As cotton isn’t a moisture-wicking material, it’ll lock in your sweat or any rain it’s exposed to, and will make it difficult for your body temperature to regulate. In some conditions, this could lead to hypothermia. As a result, I suggest wearing fast-drying alternatives, such as polyester.

Where to find vegan-friendly outdoor adventure gear

Alongside offering a wide range of vegan-friendly garments (including synthetic down jackets and vests) Patagonia is making waves in the market when it comes to sustainability. They commit to using recycled materials where possible, champion low-impact manufacturing processes, and invest in durability and repair services – ensuring long-lasting products that’ll see you through adventures time and time again.

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