About Plant Powered Planet Magazine

Plant Powered Planet is a free online magazine published every 4 months, with our first issue published in 2021. The magazine focuses on health, lifestyle, products, fitness, animal welfare, conservation, global food supply, the environment, agriculture, innovations, and solutions to climate change.

Plant Powered Planet has a ‘mainstream’, clean, consumer lifestyle feel, which is underpinned by a strong ethical vegan position. A variety of leading vegan individuals achieving on a number of levels regularly make up the main substance of the editorial content, and as Plant Powered Planet has grown as a magazine so has the level at which it delivers.

Plant Powered Planet is an excellent vegan space to advertise plant-based and vegan products and services, alongside ethically conscious, constructively written material all about life on the vegan and plant-based journey.


Plant Powered Planet Online Magazine is published by VegfestUK Ltd.


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