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Our Magazine

Issue 4 – April 2022

Here we are in the spring of 2022 already, looking forward to a wonderful summer, before the highlight of the year for us in the autumn – our return to live events and Olympia Grand in London for VegfestUK London on November 12th & 13th. Included also is our very own Plant Powered Planet Stage, hosted by myself, featuring a number of fabulous guests including (we hope!) 4 of our interviewees for issue 4 – the most excellent Tomi Makanjuola, AKA The Vegan Nigerian, the inspirational Heather Mills of VBites fame, strongman Hench Herbivore and outstanding UK athlete and head of Bravura Foods, Lisa Gawthorne. You can read all about these fantastic four in Issue 4 as well as catch up with a roundup of vegan goodies both via GreenBay vegan supermarket AND my very own roundup of recommended vegan ‘must-haves’ this summer!

Issue 3 – November 2021

In this issue we focus on the recent COP26 in Glasgow, with a report from The Vegan Society on their extensive activities, we take a look at the Plant Based Treaty which is gaining traction steadily across the globe and we catch-up with Obki the Alien, now a COP26 Ambassador as well as star of their own TV show.

Issue 2 – August 2021

Hello and welcome to Issue 2 of our fab new free online magazine Plant Powered Planet! I’m Karin the editor and I get the honour to say hello and introduce this great summer special edition.

Issue 2 is full up with fantastic interviews and focuses on the best the plant based lifestyle has to offer the discerning 21st century individual, who values animals, environment and people when making lifestyle consumer choices.

Issue 1 – May 2021

Super Toni Vernelli gives us the lowdown and updates on Veganuary – and we catch up with the most fabulous new vegan clothing range on the block with an interview with the inspirational Lorri Delahunty from VEGAN Happy Clothing.